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"I put into an image what I fail to put into words."

All Images Copyright © Dr. James D. Houston. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without written permission is strictly prohibited

A Distinct Perspective


Born in Minnesota, USA

​My name is James and I took the photos you've been looking at on Houstonia Photography.  Thank you for visiting.  From the very beginning until now, my skills as a photographer are completely self-taught.  Since my father first handed me his Nikon 35mm and taught me how to use a light meter, I have looked at the world differently than most.  My website is simple and is my own design.  It's a place to show you what is beautiful to me, hopefully from a different perspective.  My livelihood is not photography.  It is simply something that I happen to adore.  Even though I've sold images to collectors in the US coast to coast and even overseas, I don't rely on my camera as a source of income.  What I am able to do is donate the profits from my sales to charity.  I prefer it this way because photography is not work to me, it's something I enjoy.  I don't go out looking for a shot and I don't like using a tripod or special lighting.  I simply photograph the wonderful and beautiful things that happen to present themselves to me.  Nature does most of the work.  The best photograph is one that evokes an emotion.  This is what I try to do with each and every photo I take.  When I point my camera at something, it always means something to me.  My style is more artistic than technical in nature.  Some of the places in my photographs are new, some are old.  Many of them are only accessible traveling on a 4-wheel drive ATV or chartering a helicopter.  I travel the world taking images of the most beautiful places on earth.  My dream is to show you what is out there that you may never see on your own.  I truly hope you enjoy them!

~ James ~

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Houstonia Photography exists to help animal rescue charities.  You can feel good knowing that your purchase will go toward this wonderful cause.

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